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About Observing Teaching

My goal is to transform teacher education and professional development by providing training and resources for observing and critiquing classroom teaching and learning.

Asking Worthwhile Questions

We are all familiar with the Socratic method of teaching – asking questions to find the knowledge that lies within.  Teachers are supposed to ask questions, to involve students and to get them to think. Questions are a good thing, … Continue reading

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Branching Out!

Teaching is a highly personal and interpersonal activity. Like snowflakes, every teacher (and student, for that matter) is different. One of the biggest mistake we can make is expecting uniformity and conformity – from teachers as well as from students! … Continue reading

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Building on Weaknesses

We’re all familiar with the advice that we should build on our strengths, but what if you don’t think you have any? That was certainly my dilemma as I was growing up. I had little or no interest in school … Continue reading

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I would like to think that things have changed since I was a student (a millennium ago). Back then, being a student was a pretty dreary experience. In high school, the entire group of students would shuffle from class to … Continue reading

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